"An exceptional novel about the power of memory and desire."  

                                        Ursula Hegi,  Stones from the River 

"Barbara Wright's novel is vivid, intense, memorable, told with Quaker plainness and depth, a story of courage, passion for the land, fierce loyalties and growth, enduring.  It is an authentic addition to the literature, the poetry, of our West.

                                       Robert Morgan, author of Gap Creek

"The West brought hauntingly to life.  This human-scale love story of an unlikely family's struggle with love, loyalty, and loss seems all the more epic when set against the immense backdrop of Colorado prairie and sky."

                                        Art Corriveau, author of Housewrights


"With words as simple as its title, Plain Language  tells of the redemptive power of love and the sometimes torturous power of memory."

                                         Sunday World-Herald

"This is a little gem of a book about a strong Quaker woman and her life on Colorado's eastern plains during the Depression.  Wright creates some wonderful characters and a terrific sense of place."
                                        Denver Post

"Virginia and Alfred come together almost as strangers, but they work together to carve out a life in the dust and the drought that cover Colorado.  Over the course of the story, they disagree, sometimes they defy each other, but they continue to try again, no matter what the obstacle.  They truly are life partners.  No matter where we live, it's not hard to connect to this husband and wife scratching out their lives on the prairie."
                                        Greensboro Daily News

"While Quakers and the wild west aren't themes usually linked in literature, perhaps they should be.  Plain Language makes a good case for that pairing.

                                        Friends Journal
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