Through Wright's understated and softly poetic prose, Jay's resolute character, with all its ragged edges, comes easily to life.  Equally impressive is Wright's ability to describe simply and believably the emotional intricacies of developing relationships. 

                                                             Publishers Weekly

This is a fine first effort from a Denver author, with wonderful character development and plot line.

                                                            Rocky Mountain News

Easy Money is one of those staples of American literature, the coming-of-age story.  But this one has a twist.  Wright parallels the narrative of Jacqueline Winbourne's emergence into womanhood with the story of her father's maturing process in mid-life.  Both of them begin to rise only when they realize the gifts they carry inside themselves.

                                                             Missouri Review

Easy Money offers the rarest of literary treasures—a character that not only intrigues, but arouses real emotion.

                                                             Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

Wright is a talent to watch.

                                                             Denver Post
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